$25 Billion Disruption

A Latino visionary is revolutionizing the $25 billion bread market. 

When Jaime Pardo embarked on reshaping the $25 billion bread market, he aimed for disruption, and that's precisely what he achieved.

With Latinos projected to make up 26% of the US population, Jaime's goal shifted towards transforming his family's bakery into the forefront leaders of Latin bread. His objective is to provide delightful, clean, and high-protein bread snacks for those navigating the daily grind.

It's a stellar example of the magic that occurs when an exceptional product, surging demand, and dedicated professionals come together. After identifying a scarcity of Latin bread in supermarkets, the mission to bake top-notch artisan super breads took flight in 2020, evolving into a consumer packaged goods company that challenges the conventional market.

Right now, there's no bread company in the U.S. exclusively focusing on the Latino market. Jaime's aim isn't just about being another bread brand; it's about bringing Latin culture and tradition to the thousands of supermarkets that feed America.

With that singular focus, one customer at a time, Sabor Latino Bakery has become the leading bread company for latinos and beyond. 


Here's what the media is saying: 

Latino Street Newspaper, 11/10/2023:

"Sabor Latino Bakery, as a family business, personifies the essence of tradition and innovation, establishing a cultural connection."