The President of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, visited us!

Sabor Latino enjoys the endorsement of President Daniel Noboa from Ecuador.


The visit of President Daniel Noboa of Ecuador to Sabor Latino was a great honor for us.The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and lively vibes when President Daniel Noboa, accompanied by his leadership staff, graced our Sabor Latino venue for a meal with our family present.

This significant visit was planned to convene with North American leaders including Mayors from New York City, Newark, and as well as the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, aiming to enhance global trade relations and discuss initiatives for the betterment of Ecuadorian migrants and the country's economic success.

Remarkably, this marked President Noboa's second visit to Sabor Latino, considering it his home away from Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where he typically resides. Hosting dinner for the distinguished President of Ecuador was a profound honor, especially within the walls of our family-owned establishment that has been nurtured for over two decades.

Amidst this memorable occasion, Jaime Pardo, VP of Partnerships, presented our story and gifted the President our signature bread—a pivotal moment for Sabor Latino. The President's excitement and support for our vision, as the leading artisanal consumer packaged goods (CPG) bread company for Latinos, were deeply gratifying.

This experience has truly been a realization of a long-held aspiration, and we eagerly anticipate the President's return in the near future.