Our Story

About us

Crafted for the movers and shakers, our bread is packed with superfoods and organic goodness. What's the secret sauce? We deliver the irresistible taste of tradition. 🌾

Since 1999

Established in '99, Sabor Latino was born from Mr. Pardo's deep ties to his roots after immigrating to the US. Bringing home flavors to New Jersey, he warmly welcomed the community through his Latin restaurant, filling a gap in the market. With Latinos projected to reach 26% of the US population, his son noticed an absence of Latin Bread on the shelves of numerous supermarkets. In 2020, our mission for quality artisanal super bread took flight, becoming a consumer packaged goods company, and challenging the traditional market growing to a nationwide expansion. Join us on this exciting journey! 🥐

Super Foods

Who says healthy bread can't be delicious? Our mission is keeping the delightful taste of tradition. We incorporate superfoods known for helping digestion, packed with protein, and enhanced with key Sabor Latino flavors. Ingredients such as raw chocolate Cacao, organic oat flour, and earthy condiments like cinnamon are carefully chosen, ensuring customers experience a delightful burst of innovative flavors.🍫


Our delicious breads bring more customers through your doors while also bringing a taste of home to the Latin community. Let's team up and bring the joy of Sabor to Latin markets together! 🍞