How it all Began



Hey! I'm Jaime, also known as "Alex," and together with my family, I co-founded Sabor Latino Bakery. Our journey, inspired by my father's original business named Sabor Latino in 99', begins like this:

Our heartwarming tale started as a restaurant in Newark, New Jersey. Upon my fathers arrival to the U.S., he swiftly recognized the absence of Latin food and culture. Responding to this need, Sabor Latino was born in 1999. The restaurant's authentic flavors and inviting hospitality became a cherished community staple.

With Latinos projected to reach 26% of the US population, we noticed an absence of Latin Bread on the shelves of numerous supermarkets. To address this, we launched our bakery in 2020.

The idea of delivering our family's baked goods nationwide to customers craving the flavors of home took flight. After numerous trials and taste tests, we released our customers' favorite store options  – Pan de Chocolate, Empanadas de Queso, and Pan Blanco.

Fast forward to today, and we've celebrated our one millionth bread sold. Sabor Latino Bakery: A protein-packed, fiber-rich, and functional bread. Join us on this journey as we build an artisanal bread company that disrupts the conventional market and innovates with tradition.