We baked New Jersey's BIGGEST Empanada!

50 Pounds of Empanada goodness, filled with Queso Fresco!

October 7th 2023:

To celebrate the launch of their distribution business and honor Hispanic Heritage Month, the Pardo family, along with their dedicated team, achieved an extraordinary feat. They baked the largest cheese empanada in New Jersey, a testament to their entrepreneurial spirit and culinary prowess. The event attracted a host of distinguished guests, including East Ward Newark Councilman Michael Silva, as well as representatives from NJIT, Rutgers University, Prudential, and Kalustyan Corporation.

Councilman Michael Silva of East Ward Newark expressed his support and excitement for the growth of Sabor Latino Bakery and its prominent location on Ferry Street. He praised the Pardo family's innovative approach, particularly their venture into the e-commerce space, and highlighted the potential for other businesses to follow their model. The bakery's journey, from a family-owned business to an e-commerce powerhouse, aligns with the ever-evolving business landscape, something Mr. Silva commended.

The Pardo family's journey, dating back to the preservation of family recipes since 1999 when they opened the Sabor Latino restaurant and culminating in sharing their culinary heritage with the nation, is a story of perseverance and the American dream. Sabor Latino Bakery, as a family business, embodies the essence of tradition and innovation, establishing a cultural connection. Sabor Latino Bakery is more than a bakery; it is a celebration of heritage and the spirit of innovation.